Social Events

Formals: Near the end of each semester we hold either a formal or themed dance for our sisters to attend. These are events where we can make lasting memories, do big & little exchanges and just enjoy our time together before leaving for break or final exams.

Meet & Greets: Each semester we hold meet & greets with the fraternities on campus. These events are a time for our house and a given fraternity to get to know each other better. We hold socials & serenades with as many houses as we can each semester in order to to keep our close ties within the entire greek community here at SJSU! 

New Member Presents: Presents is a tradition we have for each new member class. This is a time when all of our new members can invite their families or close friends over to our house, where we will present the women for the first time as official new members of our beloved sisterhood.

Other Activities: As a sisterhood we love to participate in a variety of activities. We go on sisterhood retreats which allow us to keep our sisterhood strong and give us a time to enjoy each others company. In the past we have gone on hikes and to Petroglyph to decorate ceramic pottery. Since we have such a diverse group of women, many like to get together and participate in other activities such as on campus intramural sports, hiking local trails, crafting, traveling and much more. We strive to keep our sisterhood growing in strength while still maintaining our own individualities.