Letter from Recruitment Chair

Welcome to the Delta Gamma website! Our recruitment team is very excited to meet all of the new faces during formal recruitment in the spring and fall.  We are working hard to make sure that your experience with Delta Gamma is one to remember. 

As you go through the recruitment process, I encourage you to keep an open mind and heart. While the recruitment process may often seem confusing, and even a little overwhelming, remember to relax, have fun and just be YOU. This process is to discover your future best friends, a place to make memories that will last a lifetime, and a home away from home.

Joining a sorority, and the entire San Jose State Panhellenic community, is the best decision I have made throughout my time in college. Through Delta Gamma, I have met countless women who push me to see the world from new perspectives, inspire and challenge me to become the best version of myself. In Delta Gamma you will find women who consistently strive to achieve academic, philanthropic, and personal excellence every day. 

- Whitney Klein, VP Membership