Chapter History

Prior to World War I, a group of young women formed an organization at San Jose State University and referred to themselves as Kappa Kappa Sigma, or the "Kappa Society." These outstanding women prided themselves on scholarship, volunteer and charity work, personal dignity, and their close bond of friendship. This group repeatedly refused several offers from several national sororities for they knew exactly where they belonged--Delta Gamma.

After hearing an exceptional plea from Kappa Kappa Sigma, Delta Gamma extended an invitation to the Kappa Society to become the Gamma Eta Chapter. On February 7, 1948, the women signed the charter and were initiated at the Hotel Saint Claire (now known as the Hyatt St. Claire). The house on 360 East Reed Street was built soon thereafter. The founding members from the Kappa Society who aided in the colonization of Gamma Eta include Lenore C. Curtis, Nancy F. Davis, Patricia F. Griffin, Margaret McLean (the chapter's first president), Nancy F. Talbot, Margaret M. O'Shea, Katherine S. Regan, Barbara E. Sheets (the chapter's first vice-president), and Dolores L. Skocko.

Through the years, Gamma Eta has remained a strong and resilient chapter. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, the nation experienced a large anti-establishment movement during the Vietnam War. Gamma Eta was one of only two sorority chapters to survive on San Jose State's campus!